What channel do I subscribe if I just want to update 7.5 packages

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I noticed something while applying patches to 7.5 machines. Looks like all the recent critical/high/medium patch updates are coming from 7.6 repository and it takes to version 7.6 after applying all those patches ( I had to use yum --releasever=7.5 update to stay on 7.5). Is there a way to remediate all the critical/high/medium security findings applying patches just for the 7.5 version? I also tried EUS repository and didn't work.


Hi Shisheer,

Of course you are getting the updates from RHEL 7.6 repositories. RHEL 7.6 is the latest stable point release of RHEL 7 (main).
You can select single packages to get upgraded : sudo yum upgrade <package-name> Other packages don't get upgraded.

And you have the possibility to apply only security updates - just check out KB -> https://access.redhat.com/solutions/10021
What I don't get though is - what advantage would it have to stick with an older RHEL version and older software packages ? :)