I have questions about the no cost subscription and a few more

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I, after creating my account, noticed that the no cost developer subscription will expire with time, will I be able to redeem it again and will it be free?

And can I delete my account and how to do it?


Hi Aleksey,

It's pretty easy to renew the free no-cost developer edition. All you need to do is to sign in to the developer portal and accept the current T&C's once the subscription has expired. And if you want to delete your account - you have to contact Red Hat Customer Support. But why would you want to do that ? :)


Thanks for the answer to the deletion account just asked:)

and by no cost subscription updates coming in?

and if you notice that there are errors in the message, then this is also for google translator :)

You're welcome, Aleksey ! :) Updates coming in ? Of course they do. As long as you are having a valid subscription - which the free no-cost developer subscription is - you will receive updates right as it is the case with any other valid Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Server/Desktop/Workstation) subscription ...