RHEL7.0 subscription issue

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I installed RHEL7.0 trial version on my desktop and trying to register using " subscription- manager register --username "username" --password "password" cmd but getting "unable to connect to server" message

I am beginner and seeking advice from community



Hi Judrin,

Let first check the internet connection.

What do the below commands output show?

  • ip a s
  • ip route
  • cat /etc/resolv.conf


Jan Gerrit

Hi Jan

it looks like no network connection ip route --> no output cat/etc/resolv.conf ---> to name server "" & "" but the ping is failing

I am using my laptop with wireless connectivity and wirless is turned on , I cannot move on to the next stage without registration please advice the next step

thanks for your help

Hi Judrin,

Provide info about the hardware. * brand/model laptop * brand/model wireless card. * kind of wifi Network


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hi Judrin,

Most easy approach in your case might be to reinstall the system and to configure the network in the Ananconda installer.
Setup your wifi network and configure it to "Automatically connect to this network when it is available" in the "Network &
Host Name" section. As you haven't done anything on/with the currently installed system, it might be the easiest way ... :)


Oh, what I forgot to mention, Judrin - why do you want to install RHEL 7.0 ? Better install the latest edition RHEL 7.6 ! :)
RHEL 7.6, as the sixth point release comes with many bug and security fixes, product enhancements and new features ...
It would be another good reason to follow my suggestion to start over from scratch by reinstalling the operating system.