Satellite Server Capsule 6.4 Install

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I'm following the instruction on the following page and I keep hitting an error

I'm at step 4.

I don't know what I'm supposed to enter on this line
--foreman-proxy-content-pulp-oauth-secret TPk42MYZ42nAE3rZvyLBh7Lxob3nEUi8

When I go to
satellite-installer --scenario capsule --help

The following line doesn't exist in the help file

So I'm not sure what to put in the installation script. I tried to omit this line, but the install failed.

Any help is appreciated.


I think you may have missed a step. the capsule-certs-generate command outputs a number of options, including the --foreman-proxy-content-pulp-oauth-secret option needed to properly install the capsule server.

That step wasn't in the instructions originally. I see that its been fixed. Howevever when I run it, I still don't get a "--foreman-proxy-content-pulp-oauth-secret"

I get the following 1. Ensure that the satellite-capsule package is installed on the system. 2. Copy the following file /root/fismasatcap01pv.fisma.wfbmc-certs.tar to the system fismasatcap01pv.fisma.wfbmc at the following location /root/fismasatcap01pv.fisma.wfbmc-certs.tar scp /root/fismasatcap01pv.fisma.wfbmc-certs.tar root@fismasatcap01pv.fisma.wfbmc:/root/fismasatcap01pv.fisma.wfbmc-certs.tar 3. Run the following commands on the Capsule (possibly with the customized parameters, see satellite-installer --scenario capsule --help and documentation for more info on setting up additional services):

satellite-installer --scenario capsule\ --foreman-proxy-content-parent-fqdn\ --foreman-proxy-register-in-foreman true\ --foreman-proxy-foreman-base-url\ --foreman-proxy-trusted-hosts\ --foreman-proxy-trusted-hosts\ --foreman-proxy-oauth-consumer-key JxaiqFpUsQF34uvBkMxWJfjWa7\ --foreman-proxy-oauth-consumer-secret pDfKCBc8hW6fwVEaamxyBeXmMi\ --foreman-proxy-content-certs-tar /root/\ --puppet-server-foreman-url The full log is at /var/log/foreman-installer/foreman-proxy-certs-generate.log

So when I try to run the install with this info, i get the following: ERROR: Scenario (/etc/foreman-installer/scenarios.d/capsule--foreman-proxy-content-parent-fqdn.yaml) was not found, can not continue

I check, the file is not there.

There must be some typo, as

satellite-installer --scenario capsule\ --foreman-proxy-content-parent-fqdn ..

results into:

ERROR: Scenario (/etc/foreman-installer/scenarios.d/capsule--foreman-proxy-content-parent-fqdn.yaml)

See the installer tries to spot yaml file with scenario named not "capsule" (as capsule.ayml file exists), but capsule--foreman-proxy-content-parent-fqdn ? The "capsule" string had to merge with the further cmdline option. The "\" is somehow misinterpreted?

Could that be just the lack of space before the backslash? We have noticed that issue before in docs; commands not in quotation marks with no space before the backslash are not parsed correctly on the command line.

Hello Leroy,

this issue was fixed as part of BZ#1664720 [1]. The documentation now states that these options are output by the capsule-certs-generate command. [1]

Thank you

It's still not presenting that info. See the previous post.

Hello Leroy, please open a support request if this is still happening.

Thank you

Ok, I've submitted a support request

Thank you. I should have explicitly asked if you tried just running the command, as output, and if it worked. Sorry for that.

Now its been stated by engineering that the docs are in fact out of date and that the line --foreman-proxy-content-pulp-oauth-secret option is not required in 6.4

Incorrect output provided for capsule-certs-generate command

I can confirm this behavior on three different Satellite's running 6.4.1. Running the command "capsule-certs-generate --foreman-proxy-fqdn --certs-tar /tmp/" results in no "--foreman-proxy-content-pulp-oauth-secret" line being generated. I can say capsule-certs-generate did create this line when the Satellites were running 6.3.3.

Hello Roger, please open a support request.

Hello Roger, please try the command as output by the script. See DocsBug:

Incorrect output provided for capsule-certs-generate command

Did you ever get it working?