Unable to log in to opentlc lab

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We are not able to login in to opentlc lab.


hello, how to register opentlc lab account

Hi Redhat Team, I am unable to login https://labs.opentlc.com/ Account using my Redhar laerning partnet Account Credentials. Can you please check and Advice. Thanks, Ashok.G

Please nothe that this is the Community Discussions forum where regular users (and maybe some Red Hat people) communicate.

If you want to reach the Red Hat Support you should go to https://access.redhat.com/support/.

That could be a temporary glitch, try now. I have tested with my partner credentials and it is working.

while trying to login to bastion.0cb3.example.opentlc.com from my laptop thru ssh, i get "Authentication failed" ssh key had already been generated and uploaded to https://account.opentlc.com/update/index.php

[iliyan.iliev-dxc.com@bastion ~]$ oc login https://master.na311.openshift.opentlc.com:443 --token=token hidden Logged into "https://master.na311.openshift.opentlc.com:443" as "iliyan.iliev-dxc.com" using the token provided.

You don't have any projects. Contact your system administrator to request a project. [iliyan.iliev-dxc.com@bastion ~]$ oc new-project ${GUID}-exploring-openshift --description="This is the Project for exploring OpenShift UI" --display-name="Exploring OpenShift UI" Error from server (Forbidden): To provision Projects you must request access in https://labs.opentlc.com or https://rhpds.redhat.com [iliyan.iliev-dxc.com@bastion ~]$ echo ${GUID} ce72 I can't see option to projects from written URLs

Same here, when I try to create a new project, it says

"Error from server (Forbidden): To provision Projects you must request access in https://labs.opentlc.com/ or https://rhpds.redhat.com/."

plz help to provide the permission, thanks.

when trying to connect to bastion using putty, i'm getting "Network error-connection timed out". How do i get rid of this?

Please note, it is best to go to partner support, not here to get the assistance you require. Please contact the learning partner directly.

There is a specific team (not Red Hat) for that site.