Mouse only usable within single application after mouse click on RHEL 7.6 as a VirtualBox guest

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Good morning folks,

I've found this thread at the VirtualBox forum. It discusses an issue that occours when you are running RHEL 7.6 as a VirtualBox guest on a Windows or Linux host system.

The issue is that you could use your mouse only within a single application window after you click in that window. The issue appears not when running RHEL 7.5 as a guest. It appears in RHEL 7.6 whether or not the VBox Guest Additions are installed. It happens with the gnome-shell and the classic gnome desktop.

Because it happens when the Guest Additions are not installed, too. I think this might be an issue with RHEL 7.6 and not entirely related to VirtualBox at all. But I do not know that for sure.

Does anyone of you encounter this issue, too? And does any one encounter this issue even on bare metal?

You could reproduce this issue in RHEL 7.6 as a VBox guest as follows:

  1. Start RHEL 7.6
  2. Open a terminal
  3. Click-drag-select text within window
  4. Try to move the terminal, click another application, or anything else outside the doesn't work.

Would be nice if the two communities could work together on this, to solve it.

Best regards,


Hi Rob,

The new kernel is available in the official repositories now ... please run sudo yum update again. :)


I had to: yum clean expire-cache, but after that it worked!

The global nightmare is over! :)

Hi Akemi,
Thanks for the very good news and your effort taken to solve this issue.

Best regards,

The announcement for the kernel update is here:

And it lists:

RHEL 7.6 running on a VirtualBox guest with a GUI has a mouse problem (BZ#1662848)

Thanks again for the update. I have posted the good news over there at he thread in the virtualbox forum.


Thanks. For me, it all started here with your post. :)