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I'd like to know if there is a way to clean out old or deprecated updates from satellite. Space is filling up and I'd rather clean it up, as opposed to just throwing diskspace at it.
I am running satellite 5.8. It isn't critical yet, I have 173G devoted to /var and have 16G left.

It just seems to me that I should be able to clear out old updates/packages that may no longer be needed.



Hello Jon,

You can see orphan packages (not listed in any channel) using 'package_listorphans' command via spacecmd, if you wont use them, you can remove them with 'package_removeorphans' command.

You can also remove unused local channels with 'spacewalk-remove-channel' command, but check if there's no systems subscribed to these channels before remove, the space that will be released is variable because multiple channels can use same packages. See this solution for more information:

Be careful when executing 'remove' commands.

Ok, well neither of those commands seemed to do much for me. However, it did lead me in the right direction. I removed the channels I didn't need, and then ran spacewalk-data-fsck -v -r -S -C -O; with that, I gained about 1 gig of space. Not much, but at least now, what is left must still be valid packages.