how to build gnome-shell locally in RHEL7.6

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I am using RHEL7.6, i want to build gnome-shell locally. I use "yumdownload" to download the gnome-shell-3.28.3 rpm package. And using command "rpm -ivv gnome-shell-3.28.3.rpm" extract it, then goto SPEC folder and run "rpmbuild -bb gnome-shell.spec". Then console shows below error :

"Error during basic setup:
Neither directory contains a build file
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.oSx1gV (%build)"

I have downloaded all dependence package.
why I still meet this build error? How can I build gnome-shell locally in RHEL7.6?


There are a number of gnome packages that use meson. However meson is not packaged in RHEL 7. For more details please see RHBZ 1644880.

I see, I install EPEL via command "sudo yum install epel-release". So it can install meson to RHEL7.6, but it still fails to build from source. Do i miss any configuration? How could I build the gnome-shell success from the source?

As pointed out in comment 6 of the referenced RHBZ, it requires python36 and a handful of other packages. You can find the actual build logs for gnome-shell by going to this CentOS site.

i want to kill rhel for making this so hard. i had the same issue trying to build gnome-shell in 7.7. Not sure of the minimal fix, but I had to install sassc and libsass from epel (those are not listed as a dependency in the spec file) and then had to modify the spec to add the lines

%define _vpath_srcdir . #note the "." for current directory %define _vpath_builddir x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu