Add disk to root LVM

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I need to expand /var on a rhel7 server, built via VMware and the /root is logical volume. There is another lv volume that I can use, but I'm getting an error since the system has RHEL installed and there are files in /var. Can someone recommend the best way of doing this.


You can not use an lv to expand another lv.

If the other lv is in the same volume group as the lv you want to expand you can remove the other lv, which will free it's extents (space) which you will then be able to use to expand the /root lv (assuming /var is on the /root lv.

HI Jason, that's not what I was asking, sorry if I didn't make my self clear and I should of said need to move /var I was asking more of moving /var to another LV with more space, the way to do it is rsync to another directory, mount the directory and rename the old then reboot. but that requires single user mode. I did it with mount bind and I was just looking for a 3rd way of doing it.