How many hosts can be registered with RH satellite?

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I have installed RH satellite 6.4 ona kvm based VM and wanted to register multiple hosts in order to supply repository. I have successfully registered a VM with activation key but when I try to register other servers its failing with following error:

[root@kvm-host ~]# subscription-manager register --org="myorg" --activationkey="sat64-act-key-1"
The system has been registered with ID: 5dca549c-1c16-416f-8615-44fc7355dcb7
The registered system name is: kvm-host
Installed Product Current Status:
Product Name: Red Hat OpenStack
Status: Not Subscribed

Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Status: Not Subscribed

The activation key has unlimited hosts limit set.

Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products.
[root@kvm-host ~]#

I am doubting the manifest file , which has only 1 entitlements allocated. Is this correct observation? Or is there any way to add unlimited hosts to a satellite without any restriction?


Thanks, but that link does not answer my query. That link answers "How to", but my question is "How many". In my scenario RH customer portal supplies repo to local satellite which in turn supplies to rhel servers. So my question is to how many servers a satellite can supply repo?


The initial satellite product page says Red Hat Satellite can handle up to thousands of clients. That being said, as you scale out, you'd really want to make sure you have the network bandwidth, the RAM, and sufficient CPU Sockets/cores to scale this out.

If you had a large organization spread geographically across multiple locations, you might need to have either multiple satellites, or at minimum a satellite with instances of "capsules".

I'll post back later with a Red Hat Summit youtube video where they describe the satellite and use of capsules later.

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Also, you might need to assign more subscriptions to your satellite manifest. You'll need to make sure you have enough entitlements assigned to the manifest at, and if you need to make a new one, go to

For more regarding making a manifest, see this

See previous responses above



Uday, I recall "unlimited" being something you could buy from Red Hat, a special "sku" for VMware clients for one VMware host. That would mean for one single VMware host, you'd be able to run as many systems as that VMware host could handle. However, I'm not really sure if this is a fit with your question.



Uday, along with the above, is there any chance, this discussion is a fit for what you are going through?


Thanks RJ,

So, satellite does not multiply subscription entitlements. If more hosts need to be registered to satellite, we need to have more entitlements purchased from Customer portal and and in manifest. right?

Hi Uday,

That's been our experience, yes