rhel 7.6 and satellite 6.2 (yup, time to upgrade satellite)

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So if you still happen to be on satellite 6.2.x, know that when you upgrade your satellite server to RHEL 7.6, you will encounter some stark bugs.

RHEL 7.6 was released quite recently (still looking for the 7.6 GA release announcement can't find it on RH news link)

Going to work on upgrading my satellites to 6.3.[x] then probably to 6.4 (per advise of my TAM)

Anyway, for those who might see this post, be aware. (and it's probably time go to satellite 6.3 or 6.4 anyway)




Yeah, since 6.4 was 'coming soon', I figured that it was the end of the line for 6.2.x patches. We made the jump to 6.3.3 in August or September. There was an installer glitch (probably could have Googled it & found the KB, but did the chat-with-support thing; one-line fix in a file & re-run the installer got us going. Should be fixed in 6.3.4).

No regrets. No operational issues at all (so far) - though I did have to do a bit of reading to get my hammer CLI-based cron jobs working again. Do read the beginning of the CLI guide before upgrading, not after (there are changes to both authentication & config files for Hammer).

I do have 6.4.0 (GA) on a test server, but haven't applied any realistic loads to it yet.

Hi James,

Thanks for the good tip there. We're working with our TAM and I'm reading the upgrade path.

Glad it worked for ya, I'll post our method here after we get through the forest.


Satellite 6.2.15 did not play well with RHEL7.6. This is when snapshots are handy ... :-)

My Technical Account Manager (TAM) found a fix, my 6.2.15 (to be upgraded) is now operational with the following fix:

# this showed the life of the party (see semanage boolean below)
  990 grep denied /var/log/audit/audit.log
#temporarily test if selinux was an issue, temporarily turn off selinux
  991  getenforce ;setenforce 0;getenforce
  992  katello-service restart
#everything works in the web ui now
  993  audit2allow < /var/log/audit/audit.log
  994  grep sealert /var/log/messages
# no output from #994
  995  grep alert /var/log/messages
# still no output
# this next command was per our TAM's input
  996  semanage boolean --modify tomcat_can_network_connect_db --on
  997   audit2allow -a
  998  reboot
# test web ui after reboot, everything's fine, selinux is on by default.
  999  history
 1000  logrotate -v -f /etc/logrotate.conf
 1001  ls -ltr  /var/log/
 1002  history
[root@oursatellitesvr ~]# getenforce