gluster brick change result

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i test the brick to change.


# gluster volume heal info
- there is nothing to heal

I change a brick

# gluster volume replace-brick datavol \
> serverc:/bricks/brick-c1/brick \
> serverc:/bricks/brick-c2/brick commit force

it is success. but heal info is appears all file

# gluster volume heal info
- list all of files

is this correct?


  • Looks like you have a replicated volume i.e n * 2 or n * 3. Lets assume you have n*2 i.e data is replicated over 2 bricks. And here in your situation, you replaced a brick with a new brick. The new brick is empty and data needs to be healed/populated to the newly added bricks. That would be the reason all the files(to be healed) are getting listed in #gluster volume heal info.

Replacing brick does not automatically perform data replication? Do I need to manually heal after replacement?

You don't need to do anything. Healing will automatically happen. Keep an eye on gluster volume heal info, number of entries would decrease gradually.

For more refer section 11.9.2 :