NBDE client booting even when tang server is missing.

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I am testing the Network-Bound disk encryption framework and I've been following a series of documents available both in and out RedHat's knowledge base.

One of the documents I've been following:


I have a kickstart that binds the encrypted disk to a tang server next remove the password, here is the %post section of the kickstart file:

** kickstart **

   clevis bind luks  -f -k- -d /dev/sda2 tang '{"url":"","thp":"lQvJI-QgwTBV6rn0bNimB6rnCUI"}' <<< "temppass"
   echo -n "temppass" | cryptsetup luksRemoveKey  /dev/sda2 -

** Client **

[root@server ~]# luksmeta show -d /dev/sda2
0 inactive empty
1   active cb6e8904-81ff-40da-a84a-07ab9ab5715e
2 inactive empty
3 inactive empty
4 inactive empty
5 inactive empty
6 inactive empty
7 inactive empty

However, I am able to boot the server up typing the encyrping password, at boot time and at the console, when the tang server is not available.
I stop the tang server using this command:

systemctl disable  tangd.socket   --now

According to the documentation, this should not happen, I am looking for help and feedback.


Your syntax is slightly different than what is show in Redhat's documentation.


clevis bind luks -f -k- -d /dev/vda2 \
tang '{"url":"http://tang.srv","thp":"_OsIk0T-E2l6qjfdDiwVmidoZjA"}' \

<<< "temppass"
cryptsetup luksRemoveKey /dev/vda2 - <<< "temppass"


Yes, for some reason the redirect format would not work for me, I modified the syntax in an attempt to keep my sanity and that seemed to work.