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to install a some product in Rhel 7.0 the net-snmp-perl is missing

how i can insall it ?

10x all

ps :

$yum install net-snmp-perl
Modules complémentaires chargés : enabled_repos_upload, package_upload, product-id, subscription-manager
rhel-7-server-rh-common-rpms | 2.1 kB 00:00:00
rhel-7-server-rpms | 2.1 kB 00:00:00
rhel-7-server-satellite-tools-6.2-rpms | 2.1 kB 00:00:00
Aucun paquet net-snmp-perl disponible.
Erreur : Rien à faire
Uploading Enabled Repositories Report
Modules complémentaires chargés : product-id


Hi Alaa,

net-snmp-perl is available in the rhel-7-server-optional-rpms repository.
In order to install the package, please execute the following commands :

sudo subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-7-server-extras-rpms
sudo subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-7-server-optional-rpms

sudo yum update
sudo yum install net-snmp-perl


it's not working

sudo subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-7-server-extras-rpms

Erreur : rhel-7-server-extras-rpms n'est pas un ID de référentiel valide. Utilisez l'option --list pour afficher les référentiels valides.

sudo subscription-manager repos --list

+----------------------------------------------------------+ Référentiels disponibles dans /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo +----------------------------------------------------------+ ID du référentiel : rhel-7-server-rpms Nom du référentiel : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server (RPMs) URL du référentiel : https://rhn-xxxx/pulp/repos/xx/Prod/Rhel7_0-x86_64/content/dist/rhel/server/7/7.0/$basearch/os Activé : 1

ID du référentiel : rhel-7-server-satellite-tools-6.2-rpms Nom du référentiel : Red Hat Satellite Tools 6.2 (for RHEL 7 Server) (RPMs) URL du référentiel : https://rhn-xxxx/pulp/repos/xx/Prod/Rhel7_0-x86_64/content/dist/rhel/server/7/7Server/$basearch/sat-tools/6.2/os Activé : 1

ID du référentiel : rhel-server-rhscl-7-rpms Nom du référentiel : Red Hat Software Collections RPMs for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server URL du référentiel : https://rhn-xxxx/pulp/repos/xx/Prod/Rhel7_0-x86_64/content/dist/rhel/server/7/7.0/$basearch/rhscl/1/os Activé : 0

ID du référentiel : rhel-7-server-rh-common-rpms Nom du référentiel : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server - RH Common (RPMs) URL du référentiel : https://rhn-xxx/pulp/repos/xx/Prod/Rhel7_0-x86_64/content/dist/rhel/server/7/7.0/$basearch/rh-common/os Activé : 1

Alaa, please check if your subscription includes the extras and the optional channel :
sudo subscription-manager list --available ... if it does, it should work. :)


Since you appear to be using a Satellite server, make sure that the Content View ("Prod") includes the rhel-7-server-optional-rpms repository. For net-snmp-perl, I do not think you need the 'extras' respository, only "optional".

You're right Jim ... optional is sufficient here. I add extras in my recommendations because I read in
an earlier version of instructions (being provided on the developer portal) that it should be enabled
as well when the optional channel gets enabled on RHEL 7 systems. Just to be on the safe side ... :)


Hi Alaa,

Hey, I just saw that you seem to be running RHEL edition 7.0 - why don't you upgrade to the current stable release RHEL 7.5 ?
Maybe that is the reason why enabling the extras and the optional repositories does not work. Please upgrade the system now.

In case that (for whatever reason) isn't actually possible, you can try to install the package manually, not sure if it works though.
You can download the package via the Red Hat Package Browser and run the installation command from the download location.


is there a version for RHEL8?

Hi Sean, currently not ... :)



When a version for RHEL8 ?

Hi Kevin,

Most probably when RHEL 8.3 reaches GA ... :)

net-snmp-perl(5.8.15) is currently available from the rhel-8-for-x86_64-appstream-beta-rpms repository.


Hello Christian,

Thank you for your response.


You're welcome, Kevin ! :)