Katello-agent not found

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I have built a new Sat6 server. I am attempting to add the katello-agent to the one server I have associated with this new Sat server.

There are some docs on this issue, but none have been able to sort our my troubles.
I have imported the proper manifest.
Enabled the RH 6 Server RH Common RPM's x86 64 repository. (and a few others as well).
Synced the new RH Common RPM's
From the specific server, Content Host > Product Content, I have verified that the new repositories are visible.
From the server itself, I have done a
# subscription-manager refresh

[root@RHEL-6 ~]# yum install katello-agent
Loaded plugins: product-id, search-disabled-repos, security, subscription-manager
Setting up Install Process
No package katello-agent available.
Error: Nothing to do

So, I would love any suggestions on this. Steps I missed or if I am just not holding my head at the proper angle.



katello-agent is provided by Red Hat Satellite 6 tools repo. You can enable and sync this repo in Satellite6 and make it available to the registered client. More info in docs

Thanks, but still not getting it done. I have concerns about my test server seeing the repos it should be. I am missing something and I am not sure what. Looks like a support case in my future.


Same issue i am having. I have enable the Red Hat Satellite 6.2 tools and synced it but not able to see katello-agent vi yum list katello-agent.

I have enabled some additional repos and did notice that my goferd wasn't running. Installed that in hopes that it would give relief, but still not working.

Make sure goferd is running on your Sat box. Maybe it will be the silver bullet for you.

IIRC, in Sat6.2 you just need to restart goferd:

# systemctl restart goferd

EDIT: No, I was wrong, the restart command will work but normally you just need to start it.

Hello, please tell us which guide you have been following.

To install katello agent on a content host, see Installing the Katello Agent in the Satellite 6.3 Managing Hosts guide.

Hello, we will add steps in 6.2 guides:

Bug 1554301 - Ensure goferd is running after katello-agent install

use foreman-maintain instead of yum eg: foreman-maintain packages install katello-host-tools when foreman is installed it create conflict with yum

Hi There, Enable the repo and try to install the katello agent. 1)Subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7server/6server-satellire-tools-(yoursatellite version)-rpms. subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-satellite-tools-6.5-rpms After enabling just run yum install katello-agent it will install