Expired subscriptions and auto-add renewed subscriptions to manifest

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Is there a way to automatically add renewed subscriptions to the Satellite manifest when the old subscriptions expires?

Today there´s no way to att the new subscriptions since they don´t exist on the Red Hat account until to old ones are expired/deleted (?)
This causes a lot of errors messages from failing puppet runs in our environment + it requires the manual steps of attaching new subscriptions and refreshing the manifest, verifying tha all ESXi-hosts has a hypervisor subscription and running a hammer job to bulk auto-attach all hosts.

Is there a way to improve this?



Red Hat Satellite 6.3 adds the ability to use future-dated subscriptions in the manifest. This enables uninterrupted access to repositories when future-dated subscriptions are added to content hosts before the expiry date of existing subscriptions.[1]

[1] Managing Subscriptions