Is there some way to contribute to knowledge base?

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I could contribute to knowledge base about various solutions using my linux experience from past years. But, do you need to be RH employe to actually submit a solution in knowledge base?


I do not know if there is an official way to do it (Red Hat can respond), but I do help in indirect manner.

Whenever I find a solution that does not seem to be known, I update Red Hat Cases with information that might help somebody else.

Or, you could publish your summaries in Community Discussions. That is as good as anything else.


Dusan Baljevic

Yes, you do need to be an employee to edit the knowledgebase.

We have a process and content standard which is followed to get information on there, following the industry practice called knowledge-centered support.

Unfortunately, there's no way for a customer to contribute directly, except to open a support case and have it solved.

I've also been disappointed in the past to learn that writing ones' own experiences as knowledgebase solutions is technically not the correct process.

I also notice that the comments have been removed from knowledge base articles so there is now no way to provide feedback to Red Hat about the articles?


Apparently there are comments still. Is this feature turned off for some knowledge base articles and not others?

I checked a few random ones and could see comments on all of them. Sometimes I have a problem where comments don't work on the first page load after login, but a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) fixes it up.

Cheers Jamie,

Convinced something is definitely up.

Wanted to comment here yesterday:

..but comments weren't showing (assumed they had been turned off/disabled). When I checked back this morning there are 30+ comments.

Similar bug to the posting immediately after login perhaps?

I'll reach out to the Customer Portal team to look into this.

Thanks for the report, guys! We'll check it out.


While we've got your attention, may want to take a look at this issue too:

One of those wasn't available to the public, but both are now.


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