After upgrading kernel 327 -> 693, booting fails

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Welp, after a successful install of 7.2, and a upgrade to 7.4 bringing the 693 kernel, I can't even boot. My kernel panics right at startup, no filesystems mounted, so no log files. All I have is a screenshot.

There's no knowledge articles on it, I found a few links on the internet to some kernel versions having a problem with this one bit of code but no resolutions, and the chat support isn't very helpful. If I can't get this fixed I can't utilize Red Hat in my environment, which would be very disappointing.

If anyone has any ideas of even how to start troubleshooting this, I'd be eternally grateful.


Just backing up and rebuilding the initramfs for the new kernel would be my first step.

You could look inside the initramfs for each kernel with diff or a tree-based diff tool like Meld to see if you can spot any differences, maybe some on-disk config file has changed which was pulled into the new initramfs, but isn't present in the old one.

You can debug init to see if you can spot the failure or get to the Dracut shell and try things there.

I got it working. I did a full re-install and re-upgrade and everything works great now. My CentOS to RHEL conversion has gone swimmingly since I got the install to boot. Very exciting!

Thanks for responding to me.


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