Provisioning Details all RHEL 7 nodes went to Red Circle -Status Error

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So nothing changed on my system in the last few days, Today I log in to update some errata and check status of the nodes as I normally do.
In the WebUI ->Hosts -> All Hosts all my RHEL 7.4 nodes now have Red Circle with X in it next to the nodes.
Click on one of the nodes
Properties -> Status is Error
It also shows me a security errata is applicable but show nothing under content , and if I log into node and run 'yum update' it states up to date. All my Content views are up to date also.
Any help appreciated before I log another ticket since I haven't found anything searching except this which didn't help much



Did you ever find a resolution for this?? I'm having the same problem. My machines are updated, but still showing an error.

I have not found anything for this as of yet. I just recently updated my Satellite to 6.4 and Puppet 4 , and the issue is still there.

It seems like Sate 6.4 is not ready for prime time!