Gateway IP not pinging in rhel7.4

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Dear all,

I am unable to ping my gateway IP,,i traid my self with route add and configuration file changes,but no result..please help me in this...


If the ping response is important to you for some reason, contact the administrator of your network gateway and ask him if the gateway is configured to ignore pings.

There is actually no technical requirement for a gateway to answer to (ICMP) pings. If you just want to test the gateway system, I'd suggest using the arping command instead. It sends out ARP queries and reports if there are responses. If a gateway does not answer to ARP queries, then the gateway is effectively dead: other hosts in the network segment cannot find it. So testing with arping tests a part of gateway's functionality that is actually used and needed.

(Technically, it would be possible to configure the gateway's MAC address manually to each and every host, and so remove the requirement for hosts to use ARP to find the gateway, but that would be a very unusual network setup.)

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