Red Hat Developer Suite availability in Red Hat Package Browser

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The other day we had the discussion about the problem that the Red Hat Developer Tools software repository is not available, which since yesterday is solved. I checked whether the Developer Suite and the Developer Tools are available to download for later offline installation through the Red Hat Package Browser. Although they are shown as available, a message "We're sorry, but something went wrong." appears when clicking on the x86_64 field. Is this a temporary issue - or is it a new bug that needs to be addressed ... any ideas ? Thanks in advance for your (much appreciated) feedback.



I believe I heard that "something went wrong" error was a bug and/or data problem that was going to be addressed soon/next release of the package browser/customer portal.

Hi Robert,

Thanks, do you have a link to this information ? I haven't seen any related bug report yet.
By the way, ir. Jan Gerrit Kootstra talked to a support technician about the whole topic. :)


My testing today (September 6th) shows this issue is resolved. Christian can you confirm that?

I believe a release occurred for the package browser or the customer portal itself. Unfortunately, I don't have a link to the ticket, as I saw some information in email.

Hey Robert, that's great news ! :) I can confirm that it works now ... thanks a lot for your information. :)


Also note there are several products with very similar names
which can easily be confused:
- Red Hat Developer Suite
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite
- Red Hat Development Suite (also Red Hat JBoss Development Suite ?)
- Red Hat Developer Studio (now called Red Hat CodeReady Studio ?)
- Red Hat Developer Toolset
- Red Hat Developer Tools
- Red Hat Software Collections (these contain devtoolset now)

Here you talk about "Developer Suite" but your Screenshot is for "Development Suite".
Also there are similar names for the repos/rpms: e.g. devtools != devtoolset