Stuck on "Checking if You have any components installed"

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I want to test JBoss EA Platform but after I started the installation I'm stuck at "Checking if You have any components installed" message for over 40 minutes and previusly I Cancelled after 35minutes. What's going on???

I use Windows 10 Pro x64 with JDK 8 and and OpenJDK 9 EA is there something wrong?

EDIT: Now it's over 1h after my last attempt and still waiting for this to finish ;(

Regards, Horacy.


Same here with identical config (no OpneJDK installed). What's going wrong?

Hi Horacy/Dimitri,

What version of EAP are you attempting to install? I assume that you are trying to use the JAR installer?

You can find installation instructions for installing JBoss EAP 7 (the most recent GA release) on the Customer Portal.

If you are still having problems, our support engineers can help you if you open a support case.

Hi I use 7.1.0 Beta release on Developer license so I'm not sure if it is a Beta thing or not. Installer file name is: devsuite-1.4.1-GA-installer.exe ah sorry my bad mistake it is problem with Development Suite no EAP nah. Agian sorry for that :( I will change tags.

EDIT: When I selected EAP default installation without adding or changing anything it works :)

Cool, thanks for letting us know, Horacy!

As JBoss Developer Studio/Suite is mainly a dev product, you might also get some help for that at Stack Overflow (Red Hat employees also monitor those threads, too):

I solved same problem running Setup as Administrator.

I hope this help, Gabriele