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Does anyone know off-hand if the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Virtual Datacenters subscription allow Workstation installs or is it just Server installs? We have a VDI environment on VMWare that the admins are telling me only allow desktop/workstation OS, and I'm wondering if our current subscriptions will support this.


Sorry for pushing this 3 year old discussion but we are facing the exact same question, we have Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Virtual Datacenters license successfully activated on 2 hypervisors running RHEL 7 Workstation VM's but seems they will not use Virtual Datacenters license - any help or answer would be highly appreciated. Or do we simply need to reinstall the VM's with RHEL 7 Server and the respective packages necessary for GUI? Thanks for any help

In my opinion the Workstation is a complete different subscription than RHEL. quote pricelist: 1) Eligibility: - RHEL Workstation can be purchased for systems with up to: - 2-sockets - Unlimited GBs of RAM - Intended for single user computing and it is not compliant to use a Workstation for Server usecases. So if you use Datacenter you have unlimited RHEL guests and not workstations: quote pricelist: 3) Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Virtual Datacenters -Each subscription includes unlimited RHEL Guests on a Server (2-Sockets, Stackable) For the usecase Server with GUI you have to reinstall the VM to be compliant.

Does Red Hat insight log any problems?


first of all thank you for your fast response, please apologize, maybe I had been unclear with my description, we use VMware as hypervisor on two physical servers, on these physical servers we have several VM's running RHEL 7 Workstation which are accessed by users. As we currently still have a mixed infrastructure which means virtual and also physical workstations used by customer we unfortunately didn't consider how licensing can be done best as we made a POC with virtual RHEL 7 "Workstation" machines and this one went productive. So now we are using a Workstation subscription for every VM running on the hypervisor and according to my understanding with a data center license we would only need to license the hypervisors where the VM's are running on and subscription would be inherited from the hypervisor. Please apologize if I this sounds confusing but it's hard to explain in detail.

I need to have a look at RedHat Insight, we haven't yet implemented.

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contact the customer support in your region for this use case.

contact Red at choose region, open Customer Support


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hi all, Thank you for you quick answers and the hint about the Support ;) I have opened a Support Chat about this question and the answer is: Server only.

The VDC subscription can be only used with RHEL 'Server' release versions and not workstations

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the information.


Jan Gerrit

Thank you for the information. What if I decide to install the Workstation module and use the server subscription as workstation?

Hi Matthias,

I guess you will get a warning your workstation is not fully subscribed.

This is not a real topic for this forum.

It is better to be discussed with a Red Hat Salesperson in your region of country.

As customers we can test if it might technically work, but can never state if it is within the legal boundaries of the Service Level Agreement.

My advise: do not do it until you have a written statement or online document reference from Red Hat Sales, that is allowed.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra