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Hello, I have a stand-alone Linux server and I purchased a subscription to download updates. Yesterday I download some, but today when I go to the update the package file is non-clickable. It is displayed as just text, not a link. Is this a problem with my browser or the website?


Please share URL.


This is one example, but even packages I downloaded yesterday I am unable to today. And I did try on two computers.

Are you able to use yum to directly download the updates on the server, or using yum with the '--downloadonly' option on another system?

No, it is a stand-alone system that I must manually apply patches on. I need to download the patches from this site, which doesn't seem to work as all the packages are displayed as text only.

OK, I understand. It's a bit tricky, but you can take the list from the URL and download the packages on the list from e.g. here, or try the new Package Search, which is accessible from this site.

Thanks Znedek. Packages can be retrieved from the link you provided.

Download Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages

Yes, they can, thank you.


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