CIFS Home Directories

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Has anyone successfully configured a setup where users who login to the system automatically have a CIFS home directory mounted with correct user permissions? Ideally this would occur via kerberos authentication so that no user credentials need to be stored locally. I already have an infrastructure set up where my Linux users authenticate to servers via AD/Kerberos and my CIFS shares also authenticate via AD/Kerberos.


Last time I did it was pre-RHEL 7. At that point in time (RHEL 6), the vendor-supplied versions of the relevant drivers/libs were not up to the task - had to either use third-party tools or use custom (newer) kernel and related subsystems.

Be sure the CIFS supports all POSIX parameters or you will get a weird issues after log in.

Bumping this one up to see if anybody has or can point to the direction of some solidified steps to go about this? I'm in the exact same scenario and it'd be extremely beneficial for the users to have this option in our use case.