Can't deploy datasources config in EAP 7 to UF Dashbuilder 0.6

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I downloaded UF Dashbuilder 0.6 for Wildfly-10 then deployed success into Jboss EAP 7, in EAP admin console I config three datasources (All of it is enable) and test connection succeed. When I create new Dataset in UF DashBuilder, I just see one new datasource in dropdown list which i created in EAP admin console, and when I delete all of my datasources and create again, i didn't see any datasources in list, at last I hope UF Dashbuilder show all datasources(in this case is three). Maybe this problem is belongs to UF Dashbuilder or EAP 7, I'm looking for solution, thank guys


I have just find out solution, this problem belongs to my EAP 7 config, because when config datasource in EAP 7, In JDNI parameter, i follow default instruction so miss string "jboss/datasources". I hope this helpful for some one get the same my problem with EAP 7 and close my issue here, thanks