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Hi - hoping there's a simple answer to this. I've recently built a Satellite server running Satellite 6.2.14. We have VMware ESXi hosts so I'm also running virt-who from the Satellite server itself. All the content hosts have been picked up but the hostnames are all prepended with "virt-who" - so they all appear as virt-who-fqdn.

Does anyone know how you stop this from happening? My virtwho config looks like this:


Thanks Julian.


That is by design. Hostnames (in Satellite 6.2 [and newer]) must be unique across every organization. In some deployments of Satellite, users will use virt-who to report the same hypervisors to differing organizations. Thus to keep the hostnames unique, hypervisors reported via virt-who have their hostname prepended with 'virt-who' and suffixed with the organization's ID. ( -1 for your first org, -2 for the second, etc, etc)

Only the hypervisors are prefixed with virt-who for the reasons Rich explained above. The hosts provisioned in those hypervisors should still be listed with their original FQDN.

Yes thanks, that's exactly what is happening in our setup. Thanks for explaining.

Ok so what if you're using RHEL servers for RHEV, I've got one hypervisor registered with "hostname-host1" fully registered and with the RHEL-SV sub added in Content-Hosts. Then virt-who adds "virt-who-hostname-host1-1" to the Content-Hosts and consumes ANOTHER sub for the Guest subs to work corrently. This feels broken and to be honest most of the documentation on Sat 6 and RHEV talk about running virt-who in different ways.

How do I clean this up?

+1 ... I have the same as you. Now I have 1x RHV Hypervisor consuming 2x the subscription (Red Hat Virtualization Suite with Guests and Management (2-sockets), Standard).... 1x under its FQDN and 1x with "virt-who" as prefix. I am unsure how to solve this in a recommended manner.

This is covered in Configuring virt-who for Red Hat Virtualiation, but the summary is that for any Red Hat based hypervisor (RHV4, RHEL+KVM, of RHEL-OSP compute nodes), the proper configuration is to install virt-who on EACH hypervisor.

In the case of RHV, you do not use rhevm mode (that was only needed for RHEV3).

How does Satellite now address these hosts? Because the unique name given by Satellite to virt-who hosts is no longer a valid DNS entry remote execution is now broken. What is the work around for this?