Multi-site Geo-Cluster

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Is there a supported solution to build a multi-site geo-cluster based on RHEL7? I mean multiple local clusters geographically separated with automatic failover between sites in case one site is no longer abailable.

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Hi Cesar. Did you resolve your question? We want to make HA geo cluster (2 sites). Now we have trouble with choise of architecture.

Hi, Well with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 or 7 with the High Availability Add On you could distribute cluster nodes operating in separate locations, datacenters, or geographical regions in any arrangement that has them coordinating their operations and/or sharing access to resources. My question was about to have different clusters at different locations with some solution to provide disaster recovery automation between the two clusters. For this question RH didn't provide a solution, but I found the way mixing virtualization to manage the servers and storage at both sites and GSLB to automate transition between them