How can i check my server is registered with redhat Subscription

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Hi Community,

how can i check my server is registered with redhat Subscription. I want to know which all files and commands are associated with this check.

we have nearly 122 systems registered .



You can check this with the subscription-manager command 1. Check the status (is the system registered with a valid subscription)

sudo subscription-manager status  
   System Status Details  
Overall Status: Current  
  1. Show attached subscriptions

    $ sudo subscription-manager list --consumed
    Consumed Subscriptions
    Subscription Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Virtual Datacenters with Smart Management, Premium (DERIVED SKU)
    Provides: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
    System Type: Virtual

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply.

subscription manager is starting from RHEL 7 on words noe? all my clients are RHEL 6.6,

Regards, Ben

Hi Ben,

subscription manager is available in RHEL 6.7 onwards,


but my server doesn't have subscription manager

Is is available in the repositories your systems have available?

$ sudo yum info subscription-manager

If it is, can be installed with yum install subscription-manager. How were you registering systems to begin with?


i was registering my servers by using below

rhnreg_ks --profilename=my_rhel_system01 --username=myusername --password=mypw1234

Whenever you have a valid RedHat registration, it will create the following file /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid. You will have the following tag in this .xml file:

system_id ID-xxxxxxxxxx

Where ID-xxxxxxxxxx, x character will be replaced by a unique numeric value ;-)

subscription-manager list | egrep -i 'status: '

response : Status: Subscribed shell script wget && sh


thanks for explanation. this is what i was looking for.

Regards, Ben

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i was not aware of this rules, thanks for notifying me.

Regards, Ben

Hi Ben

Hi Jonathan

how to check Red hat subscription date ??


how to check red hat subscribtion??


From cli
sudo subscription-manager list
    Installed Product Status
Product Name:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Product ID:     69
Version:        7.5
Arch:           x86_64
Status:         Subscribed
Status Details: 
Starts:         mm/dd/yyyy
Ends:           mm/dd/yyyy

$ sudo subscription-manager status 
   System Status Details
Overall Status: Current

$ sudo subscription-manager identity 
system identity: x-y-z-a-b
name: <fqdn>
org name: <7 numbers>
org ID: <7 numbers>

In version 7.5 it is little different;

ls /etc/sysconfig/rhn/
allowed-actions  clientCaps.d  rhnsd  up2date
From portal

Overview :

Subscribed systems list :

Subscriptions :

hi, Redhat subscription-manager is free or paid

subscription-manager is free available as command. But in order to register to the Red Hat repositories you will need a valid and payed subscription. This can be either via a developer account (free), via a trial (free) or just a payed account.

Hi Gangadhar,

Kasra is right, please see to get more information on Evaluation Subscription. Feel free to reach out sales team through if you are looking to purchase subscription.

i have subscribed rhel7 with an account on august 2019 . but then i again subscribed rhel 8 with same account in june 2020 now currently showing the subscription for the rhel 8 server ends in august 2020, can i get new subscription of rhel 8 for one year.?

Which subscription you have attached to the system ? please submit a support ticket from and provide us the details.

If you have a Red Hat developer (free) account, the subs are for a period of 1 year. This is renewed every year as long as you have active machines or an active account. You can register and or re-register machines at any time. Just make sure to cleanup your machines from your account when not needed.

How to find subscription validity period by command line?

$ subscription-manager list

That's correct. In addition to that you can use the # subscription-manager list --available --all command to list all your available subscriptions and validity.

Anyone landing here, please note the previous recommended solutions in context of this discussion. Also, know to use subscription-manager. Previous posts in this thread discuss how to install that. Please know that RHEL 6 is reaching end of maintenance II in November 2020 see this link

Also know that Satellite 5.x reached End of Maintenance Support 2 in May of 2020 per