Cannot remove a Red Hat repo in Satellite 6 when subscription has expired

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I would like to remove all JBoss repos from my Satellite-server since my JBoss subscriptions are expired.
However when I click Content / Red Hat repositories, I see:
- JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (Orphaned)
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 (RHEL 7 Server) (RPMs)
No repositories accessible. Check that Red Hat Subscriptions have been imported.

There´s no way to uncheck it.
When trying to remove the product it just says that Red Hat repos cant be removed ...
What to do?

Thanks ...


Did you try with hammer?

hammer repository-set remove

It's a known bug, see

Beat, A known bug that has not even been looked at since it was filed. It's still in NEW status nearly two months after you mentioned it, and 4 months after it was filed.

This is SAD.

Jeremy, There is no 'hammer repository-set remove' command. I wish there was.

Having same issue with trying to remove Oracle Add-on product after it expired.