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These window Focus Mode settings are available in Tweaks:


1) Click : click on title bar to activate a window
2) Mouse, Sloppy (I could not tell the difference): window becomes active when mouse hovers over a window

existing Click mode is inconvenient when windows overlap each other
Mouse, Sloppy modes often lead to text being typed in a wrong window. This causes unexpected text to appear in wrong parts of code, passwords typed in wrong places - expensive mistakes.

is this possible to add another Focus Mode:
*) Click anywhere in a window to activate that window
this mode is used in Windows, it is very natural, never causes any issues



First, the difference between Mouse and Sloppy: In mouse, the window currently under the pointer has focus. This means that if the mouse moves from a window to the background, the window no longer has focus (but the background does). In Sloppy mode, when the pointer goes over a window, that window gets focus -- so if the pointer moves from the window to the background, the window will continue to have focus.

On my system, when I set Focus Mode to "Click", I can click anywhere in the window to give focus to that window, but it also sends the click through to whatever element was there. So, if it is some area of the window that doesn't accept clicks, the entire window gets focus, if it is a button, the button gets pressed, if it is a text box, the text box handles it as if you clicked at that point.

You are correct Marc. I have a question on that line. what is the config file to configure the focus. I was in there but now i don't remember it. so, i open window 1; window 2 close window 2. I want the focus to automatically return to window 1

thank you clarifying Mouse vs Sloppy modes.

"when I set Focus Mode to "Click", I can click anywhere in the window to give focus to that window"

my experience is different:

If e.g. gedit window is open, I need to click, hold & nudge gedit titlebar to be able to start typing in that gedit window. Clicking anywhere but (click, hold, nudge) titlebar of gedit window does not change focus.

In a popular programming IDE, while in Mouse/Sloppy mode, if I open a popup dialog, move mouse outside the dialog textbox, start typing, the focus switches while I type: beginning of the text appears in dialog textbox, the rest of the typed text appears somewhere else.

All modes cause issues for me: in all 3 modes, focus is switched either too eagerly, or does not change focus when I would have thought it did. It happens far too often that typed text appears in wrong place.

If you need video recording of this behaviour, I could do this.