Management CLI using try/catch inside if/else

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Can somebody confirm this for me. I have tried to use a try/catch inside a if/else statement the management cli but it always says the command is not available in the current context. I am assuming this means you cannot embed the try/catch inside a if/else. In the same vein you cannot embed a if/else inside another if/else.

if (outcome == success) of /core-service=management/security-realm=ldap-mngmnt-realm/authentication=ldap:read-resource


Apologies for the delay in answering this, What version of EAP are you using? Did you get it resolved?

I received a reply from a similar question in a support case that the if statement in the CLI is rather limited and I should use a real scripting language like groovy. So I just figured that is the case here. It's just something that is not supported in the CLI.