Unable to use BeanManager.getReference() to find a bean by its Interface in EAP 6.4

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I'm working on migrating our JBoss 6.1.0.Final system to EAP 6.4, and
I'm having a problem with using the BeanManager to find beans by using the Interface the bean implements.
This is working fine with JBoss 6.1 but I am unable to make it work with EAP 6.4.


public interface Ia {
public class A implements Ia {

We are calling the beanManager like this:

        Set<Bean<?>> beans = beanManager.getBeans(Ia.class);
                Bean<?> bean = beanManager.resolve(beans);
        CreationalContext<?> context = beanManager.createCreationalContext(bean);
                beanManager.getReference(bean, beanClass, context);

and get back a null.

Debugging the code I find that it boils down to this piece of code in the Reflections class:

        public boolean matches(TypeHolder otherTypeHolder) {
            return getBoxedRawType().equals(otherTypeHolder.getBoxedRawType()) && areActualTypeArgumentsAssignableFrom(otherTypeHolder.getActualTypeArguments());

where I see ' (java.lang.Class) class a.A' being compared to ' (java.lang.Class) interface a.Ia'
and of course not matching,

I'm pretty new to CDI so I'm hoping there is an easy answer?