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I have a hypervisor server that is in production with 2 300G disks in RAID1, now, I bought 2 more HD than 1 Tb to be new datastore. When you run the fdisk -l command on the hypervisor server checked that the two disks are recognized, how can I add them to the hypervisor so that they are two independent storage arrays and which are recognized by the RHEV-M server?



Hi Marco

I had a similar issue and gave up. So if you reach a solution I would be very happy to hear it.
I have 10 300G disk in a RHEV-H. Configured a hw raid1 using the first 2 disk and planned using the remaining 8 disks (Raid10) as data storage domain.
I found during the installation that /data is created which holds you VMs, Templates and so on.
That gave me a very little /data and a raid10 virtual drive unused.
At the end I gave up and used all 10 disks as raid10 and a lot bigger /data.

I think your possibilities depends on what Hypervisor you're running. The RHEV-H gives you very limited possibilities for additional configuration but should bring better performance since your're a lot closer to the bare metal of the server.