Does Red Hat bother to monitor its CDN for erratum delivery?

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We have repeatedly been told that Red Hat monitors its CDN for erratum delivery. In practice, this does not appear to be the case. The question is why does Red Hat not monitor its CDN and instead makes customers jump through all kinds of hoops attempting to get Red Hat to actually look at their CDN and see the obvious problem with old metadata or missing packages.

The other frustrating aspect is to see Red Hat erratum delivered by CentOS and even Oracle before we can get them via the RHN CDN. It is not a matter of slowness, but the erratum are not available!

You can see these on the RHN hosted console when looking at how auto-applied-errata failed to be applied. If I worked at Red Hat within RHN, I would immediately write this query and create a dashboard.

"How many systems on the CDN have auto-apply-errata checked and failed to install a given errata?" Seeing a very high error rate would raise some sort of internal red flags, one would think.

original rant text:
Just curious why Red Hat does not actively monitor that its CDN is delivering erratum. It is frustrating to consistently see Oracle and now Centos deliver errata faster than Red Hat RHEL RHN does.


I see some errors alerts and will reach out to the engineering teams to make sure they are aware of what you are seeing.

I can confirm also these (satellite 6.2.5 failing to sync packages) on both RHEL6 and RHEL7:

We don't sync RHEL6 workstation (or debuginfo channel on RHEL7 workstation), but I guess those surely have the same issues.

Older satellite 5.7 is downloading those packages fine.

EDIT: Last night all these synced ok. Thanks.

I just downloaded the 2017-05-09 jasper security update, and although the package was present in the rhel-7-desktop-rpms repository, the following yum command failed to list any jasper packages.

yum list recent

The java-1.7.0-openjdk and thunderbird updates were the only ones listed, even after I did yum makecache.

I encountered a problem with the firewalld enhancement update: the file firewalld-filesystem- appeared to be missing from the rhel-7-desktop-rpms repository. As a consequence, the update would not apply to my system.

This morning, approximately 24 hours after I first learned of the update, the repository seemed to have been fixed, and the update succeeded (I had to do yum clean metadata first).