If there was one thing you could improve or change today about our products or services, what would it be?

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If there was one thing you could improve or change today about our products or services, what would it be?

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I just noticed "Its all text" is working on the text block that open immediately beneath a comment when I click "reply", but it still has the larger "Add new comment" box below, which does not show the "Its all text" icon as I edit this.

As I'm using RHEL in embedded configurations - I'd like to be capable to download everything (including channels, special kernels (eg. the RT extensions for 7.1, ...) without using RHN - I've to certify a system and can't update it or connect it to RHN while running or deplyoing. Currently it's much easier to do this with CentOS where I can get everything without RHN, than RHEL itself. That's really anyoing for me...

  • With the title of this post in mind, I'd recommend taking the ISO channel dump page for Satellite ISO channel downloads and attempt to put some sense order in it's listing of base/incremental channels. Currently the dates/architectures are in no sensible order.
  • Additionally, if one looks between satellite 5.5, and 5.6, and 5.7 respective channel dump pages, you will find the md5sums match identically between base and incremental channels. I've never bothered to complain, but considering the title of this post, I'll recommend they be consolidated because there's no need to download the base/incremental channels for 5.4.1, 5.5, 5.6 AND 5.7 as listed because the md5sums prove they are the identical channel dump ISO files.

  • Lastly, this satellite 6 channel dump web page seems to be auditioning for a potential replacement for the above links, however it contains --no-- incremental channel files at the moment. The cause may be only because the satellite 6 page only has base channels because the dump date is 3/12/2015. The incrementals channel dumps (historically) for the previous URLs for satellite 5.5-through-5.7 have been coming out quite often, like no longer than 3 weeks each, and sometimes even earlier as of this year.

Perhaps the last channel webpage example might be a good example for the previous examples, particularly since Satellite 5.7 will be around for a while...

my two cents...

Thanks Remmele, I'll pass all this along.

Hi David,

The documentation for Satellite 6 running RHEL 7, I cannot find it. Only the DVD iso can be found, but the current documentation is still based on RHEL 6.5.
My installations fail, and I think it is due to the fact that I missing some information.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit

Thanks David (when I attempt to hit "reply to post" feature, it results in an error and fills the screen with errant code).

Is this a new issue? Is it happening to on all discussions or just here?

I am seeing the same issue as R. Hinton. The only reply that currently works for me is "Add new comment" at the bottom of the page.

Hi David

  • to answer your question from your post (2015-04-12T17:38:39-04:00), it occurs on posts that are --really really-- long. I resent the email I had mentioned on this topic for similar discussion threads (see below) your review

I believe these are two more examples.
https://access.redhat.com/discussions/735323 and https://access.redhat.com/discussions/874283),


David, apparently, this also affects "edit post" feature. More errant code fills the screen when I click the "edit" function of previous posts I've created. At least people won't get replies for any failed edits of any previous posts. The two other example URLs I cited in my previous post - of course ignore the parenthesis character at the end.

I am finding that when applying filters/sorting options to pages, the selected state isn't maintained when going 'back' and there is no easy way to go 'back' while maintaining these filters, eg.

  1. Visit the following page
  2. Select 'Newest First' from the drop down
  3. Select the top article
  4. Click 'back' in browser, you are returned to an unsorted list and have to reconfigure the sort/filter from the drop down

The only way I have found around this is to open each link in a new tab (ie. workaround). I find it is most tedious in sections like 'Packages' in Downloads when you are filtering on package name etc.

I also think an additional banner at the top when you login that has "X videos have been added since your last visit", with the option to then click the link and see the new content. This will give the videos (and potentially documents) pages some better visibility.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to include this in an RFE.