Red Hat Security Blog: March 2018 archives

  • Harden your JBoss EAP 7.1 Deployments with the Java Security Manager

    Overview The Java Enterprise Edition (EE) 7 specification introduced a new feature which allows application developers to specify a Java Security Manager (JSM) policy for their Java EE applications, when deployed to a compliant Java EE Application Server such as JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 7.1. Until now, writing JSM policies has been pretty tedious, and running with JSM was not recommended because it adversely affected performance. Now a new tool has been developed which allows...
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  • Securing RPM signing keys

    RPM Package Manager is the common method for deploying software packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora Project, and their derivative Linux operating systems. These packages are generally signed using an OpenPGP key, implementing a cryptographic integrity check, enabling the recipient the ability to verify that no modifications occurred after the package was signed (assuming the recipient has a copy of the sender’s public key). This model assumes that the signer has secured the RPM...
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