Red Hat Security Blog: March 2013 archives

  • Is chroot a security feature?

    In the past few weeks I have been asked a number of times about the concept of using chroot as a security feature. The basic idea is that you can run a process inside of a chroot where it will not have access to various system resources; however, chroot is not a security feature. Let's find out why. What is a chroot? The chroot() system call is almost as old as UNIX itself. When you make this system call, you basically change the "root" of your process, where root in this context is the root of...
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  • The Security Benefits of RPM Packaging

    RPM Package Manager (RPM) was created to deliver software to workstations and servers. Besides being an efficient software delivery mechanism, RPM also provides security features that assist system administrators with managing their software and trusting the code that is going into their infrastructure. What is an RPM? RPM is a package management system that bundles software source code or binaries together for easy installation on a computer. These files are tracked and allow for easy...
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