Red Hat Satellite Blog: August 2016 archives

  • Subscription-manager for the former Red Hat Network User: Part 4 - Understanding Subscription Manifests

    working title: of Men, Mice and Manifests Overview With the introduction of the newer Systems Management tools such as Satellite 6, we introduced a new concept, the Subscription Manifest (which are different from Satellite 5 Entitlement XML certificates), as the means to import Subscriptions into Satellite for the purposes of synchronizing content and attaching subscriptions to systems. What is a subscription manifest? A subscription manifest is a digitally signed zip file containing: A...
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  • Making systems ready for Satellite 6.2's remote execution

    Satellite 6.2 ships with the much anticipated remote execution feature, which allows you to run scripts and jobs on a group of systems and then gather and view the output in the Satellite interface. Remote Execution by itself works fine out of the box for new machines, but already existing machines need to be bootstrapped by adding an SSH public key to root's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. You can use Puppet to do this - assuming you are using Puppet at all - in two distinct ways: - you can use a full...
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