How do I config a Hewlett Packard Storageworks Ultrium 230 and control tape changer on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1?

Updated -

Manual configuration is required to have this hardward preform correctly under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1.

Add the following to /etc/modules.conf:

post-install scsi_hostadapter modprobe st

The tape changer can be controled from software (see man mtx for more information) after issuing the following command:

echo "scsi add-single-device A B C D" > /proc/scsi/scsi

Where the following applies:

A = Hostadapter ID (first is 0)
B = SCSI Channel (First is 0)
C = SCSI ID of tape drive.
D = SCSI LUN of tape changer (use: 1)

Use /dev/sgX for the tape changer where X is determined by looking at the location of the changer device in the output of /proc/scsi/scsi. If the changer is the 3rd device listed, the correct device would be /dev/sg2. Remeber that the count starts from 0!