Red Hat OpenShift Service Registry Supported and Compatible Configurations

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Red Hat OpenShift Service Registry is a fully hosted cloud service for schema and API design management.

Supported clients

OpenShift Service Registry provides the following Java libraries for client applications:

  • Kafka client serializers/deserializers (SerDes) to validate message types at runtime

  • Kafka Connect converter to map Kafka Connect schemas into Avro or JSON schemas

  • Java client and Maven plug-in for managing Service Registry content

Compatibility with other schema registry REST APIs

OpenShift Service Registry provides API compatibility with the following schema registries by including implementations of their respective REST APIs:

  • Confluent Schema Registry version 6

  • IBM Event Streams schema registry version 1

  • CNCF CloudEvents Schema Registry version 0

Applications using Confluent client libraries can use Service Registry as a drop-in replacement. For more details, see Replacing Confluent Schema Registry with Red Hat Integration Service Registry.

Supported browsers for accessing

In general, it is best to use the latest available version of your chosen browser. This ensures that you have the latest security updates and features.

The following browsers can access and use the latest version of the OpenShift Service Registry service.

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge

Supported authentication mechanisms

OpenShift Service Registry uses the SASL_SSL security protocol.

The following authentication mechanisms are supported:

Authentication Mechanism
SASL_OAUTHBEARER (recommended)

Supported transport protocols

OpenShift Service Registry uses the following transport protocols:

Transport Protocol
HTTPS over TLS 1.2
HTTPS over TLS 1.3

Red Hat OpenShift Application Services CLI supported operating systems

The Red Hat OpenShift Application Services CLI (rhoas) is a powerful command-line tool that allows users of the OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka and OpenShift Service Registry services to easily and effectively create, configure and use their Kafka and Service Registry instances.

The rhoas CLI is available for, and compatible with, the following operating systems:

Operating System

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