Rebranded: Red Hat Satellite / Proxy Name Change FAQ

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Q: What has changed?

A: The Red Hat Network Satellite product family and names.

Q: What are the changes?


Product family Red Hat Network Satellite (unofficial) Red Hat Satellite
Product offering Red Hat Network Satellite Server Red Hat Satellite Server
Product offering Red Hat Network Proxy Server Red Hat Satellite Proxy Server
Product offering Smart Management Add-On Smart Management Add-On (no change)

Q: Why were these updates made?

A: Red Hat has shortened the name of Red Hat Network Satellite in an effort to be more succinct and accurate with describing product functionality now and in the future.

Q: When did the updates take effect?

* The new names were first seen during Red Hat Summit 2013. Red Hat has been rolling these updates out in a phased approach following the Red Hat Summit. You will gradually see the new product names reflected on, Customer Portal, Bugzilla, support case management and other collaterals.
* The latest version of Red Hat Satellite (5.6) launched as "Red Hat Satellite" in the fall of 2013.
* NOTE: The functionality of Red Hat Satellite 5.5 and earlier have not changed.

Q: What happened to CloudForms System Engine?

* CloudForms System Engine was a piece of functionality available within the CloudForms 1.x offering, using the open source Katello project as a foundation for the Red Hat enterprise application.
* CloudForms System Engine is no longer available. Instead, the Katello project is now an upstream component for the next generation release of Red Hat Satellite 6, to be launched in 2014.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: For more information on Red Hat Satellite:
* Visit the product overview page on
* Learn what's new with Red Hat Satellite 5.6: review the datasheet, watch the video, listen to the launch webcast, or read product documentation (including Release Notes).