AMQ Streams 1.4.1 Resolved Issues

Updated -

The AMQ Streams 1.4.1 release is now available for download from the Customer Support Portal and Container Catalog. AMQ Streams 1.4.1 is a patch release for AMQ Streams 1.4.0. Note, AMQ Streams patches are cumulative and include fixes from previous patch releases as noted below.

The following issues have been resolved in the AMQ Streams 1.4.1 release:

ID Component Summary
ENTMQST-1772 Not all labels are propagated from template
ENTMQST-1789 Kafka Bridge: producer json payload does not accept string for key and value
ENTMQST-1807 User Quotas do not work for TLS users
ENTMQST-1811 User Operator is not deleting SCRAM-SHA-512 users with Quotas properly
ENTMQST-1818 CR names cannot be used as volume names
ENTMQST-1833 Make sure the node affinity added to the Kafka STS works as AND and not OR
ENTMQST-1834 Use connector reconciliation in MM2 operator