Can you use Management and Provisioning if you don't have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription?

Updated -

Management and Provisioning are add-on, layered Red Hat Network (RHN) services that you can purchase on top of but not in place of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subscription. All subscriptions come standard with Update RHN entitlements, but the Management and Provisioning upgrades provide additional functionality for management of your existing subscriptions.

If you need to get updates for additional systems, you should purchase a subscription for each system. Likewise, you should purchase subscriptions for the software you have installed or wish to install on your system as each subscription is version specific. For example, it is not possible to update a system installed with Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES x86 if you have purchased a subscription to Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS x86 and vice-versa. The subscription level must match the version you have installed on your system.

If you would like to view a comparison of the various levels of Red Hat Network services provided, please feel free to visit for more information.