Exar (Neterion) 10Gb Ethernet Network Adapter Support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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  • Does Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) support Exar (Neterion) 10 gigabit Ethernet hardware and the associated vxge and s2io drivers? 


  • Exar (Neterion) 10Gb Ethernet network adapters supported by RHEL4.1 and later


Exar recently announced that they are exiting the 10Gb Ethernet network interface market:


Red Hat development will continue to review bugs found in existing Exar/Neterion 10GbEN card drivers reported by our customers. Feature enhancements for the X3100 (vxge) and Xframe (s2io) cards will no longer be developed for inclusion in Red Hat Enterprise Linux updates. Support for existing hardware is the responsibility of Exar.

Other 10Gb Ethernet vendors are not affected.

For additional information regarding the Exar announcement, please see the following Exar links: