V1 and V2 cartridges in OpenShift Enterprise 1.2

Updated -

The only V1 cartridge that shipped in OpenShift Enterprise 1.2 was openshift-origin-cartridge-cron-1.4. The V1 cron cartridge with OpenShift Enterprise 1.1 had a bug that would block upgrades to 1.2. For that reason a fixed V1 cartridge was shipped with 1.2 alongside the V2 cartridge.

This did have some side affects. Namely, for users that didn't have the 1.1 channels enabled the V1 cartridge would not install properly because openshift-origin-cartridge-abstract was missing. This problem is typically hit on a fresh 1.2 install that runs 'yum install openshift-origin-cartridge-*'. It is safe to have both the 1.1 and 1.2 channels enabled if the desired outcome is to run 1.2. A lately errata update will likely ship openshift-origin-cartridge-abstract in the 1.2 channels to avoid this confusion.