Red Hat Customer Portal FAQ

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What is the Red Hat Customer Portal?

The Red Hat Customer Portal enables subscription customers to access everything provided with their subscription from one convenient location.

How do I access the Customer Portal?

Go to:

What are the features and benefits of the Red Hat Customer Portal?

The Red Hat Customer Portal provides customers with access to:

  • Red Hat support ticketing and reporting system
  • Solutions, FAQs, and official product documentation
  • Thorough, integrated search
  • Rich educational content, including whitepapers, info sheets, and multimedia presentations
  • Downloads, updates, and evaluations
  • Subscription and account management tools

What languages does it support?

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Chinese (Simplified)

Who can access the Customer Portal?

Anyone can access the Customer Portal. However, some content is available exclusively to Red Hat customers with active subscriptions.

I am an existing customer with active subscriptions. Where can I find my login?

You can retrieve your Red Hat login and/or reset your password. Please see this Knowledgebase article for more information, or contact Customer Service for further assistance.

I am an existing customer with active subscriptions, but when I login I don't have access to all the content. Why not?

You may be logging in with an account that is not associated with your entitlements, or with one that has an email address associated to it which still needs to be confirmed. If you believe you should have access to all of the content on the Customer Portal, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

How do I purchase subscriptions?

To purchase subscriptions, contact Sales. Some subscriptions are for available for purchase online via the Red Hat Store.

How do I open a technical support case?

Customers with the necessary permissions may open and manage technical support cases on the Customer Portal. For more information refer to How do I open and manage a support case on the Customer Portal?.

Where do I report defects or request feature improvements?

To report a defect or request a feature improvement, open a support case and choose "Red Hat Customer Portal" as the product.

How do I access downloads and errata?

All product downloads and updates, including installers, packages, and errata, are found in Downloads, which is linked in the site-wide navigator found at the top of the page.

How do I access the Red Hat Knowledgebase?

Use the site-wide search found at the top of any page.

How do I access product documentation (e.g. manuals, release notes)?

Product documentation is linked in the Products & Services menu, and can also be found by using the site-wide search.

What Red Hat technologies are used for the Red Hat Customer Portal?

The Red Hat Customer Portal is powered Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, and JBoss Seam.


Hi I've added my RHCE Certification ID to my redhat account. But when i entered the ID in verify block, it says the "The user associated with this Certification ID has not mapped his or her ID to a login". It only shows RHCSA Certification ID. I ddint see my RHCE ID in my redhat account. Can someone guide me to map the RHCE certification ID to redhat account?

Hello, Dilip.  If you have not done so, already, please open a support case for your problem.  That way, a support engineer can obtain screen shots of the problem and semi-private information for investigative purposes that would not be appropriate to post here in a public comment.

i would like to ask about config netwok on undercloud ?

The best way to get a question answered is to submit a severity 4 support case.  Otherwise, you can ask your network & undercloud question under the OpenStack product of our community discussions area.

您好,怎么取消red hat的订阅呀,

您好,怎么取消red hat的订阅呀,

您好,怎么取消red hat的订阅呀,

您好,怎么取消red hat的订阅呀,

How to enable the MASSL in JBOSS 5.0.1 GA?

how do i delete my account and end my subscribtion

how to login with oc login?? what is the master in it?? how to login in openshift web console??

how can i solve this error -->> iniparser can't open file -->> cd /etc/yum.repos.d/app.repo is skiiping when i created a repo in rhel 8 and then it show these two error please help me try to resolve these error.

I'm sorry to hear of your trouble, Mr. Yadav. You can use the Customer Portal's search feature (the field with the magnifying glass icon) to find possible solutions to your problem.  (My initial search turned up this document:  microdnf showing ibrhsm-WARNING ** and Found 0 entitlement certificates .)

If you do not find an answer through searching, please let us help you by opening a support case per the instructions in this FAQ.  Thanks!

Would like to be able to search better. Is there a more advanced search where I could search for strings or use logical operators like AND OR and NOT? Even having more detailed instructions on the current search ability would help -- at least I wouldn't waste time trying to tell it something it does not understand. Thank you, Don


how do i get the login credentials for the bastion and other vm's in the lab?

你好。redhat 产品中devtoolset-7中的gcc7.3.1环境是怎么来的呢?我们在官网只找到gcc7.3.0,并没有找到7.3.1版本的

how to raise the ticket, which is the next session available

How do i view all licenses i have purchased for my company?

Hello Octavian, in the upper left corner of the Customer Portal, you will see SUBSCRIPTIONS. Clicking this will direct you to the Red Hat Subscription Management overview page. There you will see all active subscriptions (licenses) for your organization.

The first think one may need is a button to start a chat, not pages and pages of not useful text

It sounds like you are having trouble; I am sorry to hear that.  The "not useful text" to which you mention -- are you referring to this frequently asked questions page, or the home page of

The button to start a chat with a support engineer is located fairly prominently in our support section.  Please browse to the Customer Portal home page --> Products & Services --> Support.  (Or, if you need a direct link:

How is it possible to export "Red Hat Product Errata" reports, especially the "Advisory" column can't be marked to copy?