Access to OpenShift Online Starter Notice

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Due to high popularity of the OpenShift Online Starter plan, all clusters are currently running at full capacity. While we're always adding capacity, it still may take some more time before your free account is provisioned. Unfortunately, we are unable to estimate the total queuing time for any particular user, but you will receive an email notification once your account is ready.

We're sorry that we're unable to provision your Starter account at this time. Should you need immediate access to OpenShift Online, please have a look at our premium OpenShift Online Pro plan offering, which comes with more resources, never hibernates the provided resources, supports custom domains, project collaboration and is generally suitable for production deployment of your apps.

Last Updated: 2017-07-17


This is not about access to accounts. If you are still awaiting approval for an account and would prefer to cancel that request and instead signup for OpenShift Online Starter, please contact our community team.


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