Where have the nightly OpenShift Enterprise builds gone?

Updated -

The RPMs in repositories located at https://mirror.openshift.com/pub/origin-server/nightly/enterprise/ were artifacts published during the OpenShift Enterprise 1.0-Beta period. Being unsupported they do not receive critical security patches. We do not want to encourage users to install those libraries containing known vulnerabilities that have already been addressed in the product, so removing the content was viewed as the safest course of action.

Those wishing to test drive the latest OpenShift Enterprise binaries can easily obtain an evaluation subscription from Red Hat as described below.

We encourage community members to engage with our open source upstream project: OpenShift Origin which has the goal to enable OpenShift on a variety of operating systems and enable community involvement, no subscriptions required.

Obtaining OpenShift Enterprise evaluations

Please submit your request for an evaluation (at time of writing, the subscription lasts 60 days) using this web form:


Be sure to mention that you would like to try out OpenShift Enterprise. The evaluation subscription will include 60-day subscriptions for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Application Platorm, and JBoss Enterprise Web Server - everything needed for the evaluation.