Red Hat Evaluation FAQ

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What is an Evaluation? How is a Red Hat Evaluation different from a traditional licensed software trial?

Red Hat Evaluations offer all of the benefits included in a Red Hat subscription. However, Red Hat Evaluations are more than just access to the latest code. They provide access to all versions of software, access to patches and other software updates, as well as access to Red Hat's award-winning digital platform, the Red Hat Customer Portal.

May I run Evaluation software in a production environment?

Per the Terms and Conditions that customers must accept prior to gaining access to their Evaluation software, Evaluations are not intended for production environments. Customers using Evaluations in a production environment are in violation of these terms and may be reported to the compliance team for further action.

Do Red Hat Evaluations come with support? How do I know if my Evaluation has support?

Some Evaluations offer a level of support while others are self-supported (unsupported). There are several ways to determine the support level of your Evaluation:

  1. In the Evaluation name (i.e. - 30 Day Self Support Red Hat Directory Server Evaluation). You may find this on the Welcome email sent when the evaluation began.
  2. On the Subscriptions page in the Customer Portal
  3. By contacting sales or customer service

Users with self-supported Evaluations have access to all product documentation as well as the vast Red Hat knowledgebase.

How do I download my Evaluation?

Once your Evaluation is active, the software may be downloaded from the Downloads section of the Customer Portal.

How long does an Evaluation last?

The duration of Evaluations vary. In general, they range from 30 to 90 days but exceptions may be made at the discretion of Sales and Customer Service based on the needs of the user.

What technologies can I evaluate through this program?

Virtually all Red Hat technologies are available for an Evaluation. A listing of available evaluations can be found on the
Red Hat Customer Portal. If an evaluation is available for a given technology, you will see this noted in the "Evaluate" column. If there is a technology you'd like to evaluate that is not listed, please contact Red Hat Sales.

Why do I need to consult with a sales representative to obtain certain Evaluations?

There are several reasons you may need to consult with a sales representative to obtain an Evaluation:

  1. When requesting more than one Evaluation
  2. When an Evaluation is not available via the web
  3. When requesting multiple Evaluations as part of a bundled SKU
  4. When the Evaluation requires additional approvals before being activated

Contact Red Hat Sales to evaluate these technologies.

Can I renew the Evaluation after it has expired?

There are limitations to how many Evaluations are allowed for each product over a given time period. If you need to extend your Evaluation or request more, please contact Red Hat Sales.

I’d like to use the Evaluation software after my Evaluation has expired, or I’d like to use the software in a production environment. What are my options?

  • Purchase a subscription
  • Renew the Evaluation after the expiry grace period has ended
  • Contact Red Hat Sales to determine if the Evaluation can be renewed sooner or if a similar Evaluation is available


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